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Wolverine Tackle hit the market in 1984 after its founder Chuck Cartwright spent years working the waters of Michigan fine tuning what he felt was the best spoon design for all conditions. While other spoons work good in some conditions, they suffer under others. Capt. Chuck wanted to have one spoon to do it all without sacrificing its ability to catch fish.

While the company is officially known as Wolverine Tackle, many charter captains and loyal customers refer to it as Silver Streak. The spoons are actually genuine Silver Plated and offered a huge advantage over other models at the time.

Over the years the company has grown and so has its color selection, with more than 500 colors being offered. After Capt. Chucks passing his son Capt. Chip took the reins and has diversified to include a full selection of walleye lures. The walleye selection now has a new designed walleye size spoon (JR) crawler harnesses, Blades, Rattle Spoons and even Blade Baits. This family owned and run business stamps, paints and hooks the baits right in Michigan where it all began nearly forty years ago.



Silver Streak Spoons come in assorted patterns and 4 sizes. These spoons are constructed from durable, quality brass with genuine silver plating. The finish reflects the light to entice more fish.

Magnum       Original       Mini       Junior


Silver Streak Blade Baits were designed to vibrate as they move through the water or while jigged. Built with a strong, durable body and hooks, these baits were meant to last. Silver Streak Blade Baits are great for casting or jigging for all kinds of gamefish.


Silver Streak Blades provide anglers with high quality painted blades in a variety of the hottest fish-catching color combinations.  Our blades are extremely popular for walleye rigs on the Great Lakes, but are great for a variety of trolling applications


Rattle Streaks are designed as a jigging spoon with a unique flutter action on the drop down. It also come with a loud brass Rattle which helps the fish locate the bait. Many of the colors come in glow and UV finishes.



Wolverine Tackle is a second generation family-owned and operated business. Each lure is carefully crafted, stamped, painted and hooked right here in Michigan where it all began nearly forty years ago.  We’re proud to be American made!


We have over 500 colors and sizes to choose from.  Each bait is carefully tested by our pro staff so that you don’t have to.   You’re getting the best lures that perform in all bodies of water.  From Salmon to Walleye and everything in between, you’re sure to find your go-to Silver Streak spoon or blade.

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